dont think being a lesbian,bi or pansexual is evil cause of who you are. dont feel you are evil or an abomination to the society and you your family dont feel you are worthless dont try to take your life many has been in you place and and they now accept who they are are now happy with life
and who they are be 100% happy love life and love your self.  

it is not your fault that you are gay

have you ever wonder what it’s like to be gay in a religious family you find it hard to be your self and you find it more hard to come out to your family cause you are scared of what the out come mite be being gay is difficult yes but making your self feel unhappy just to make people around like you is more difficult stop lying to your self and embrace who you are don’t change so people will like be who you are and the right people will love you just the way you are.stay strong it’s difficult yes no one says is going to be easy nothing good comes easy.IMG-20170701-WA0008(1).jpg

Emotional trauma of LGBT community.

it now official in tanzania the LGBT community are being hunted by the tanzania governor paul makonda who announced the creation of new surverllance squad dedicated to hunting down gay people in the major city of dar es salaam homosexuality is illegal in tanzania and homophobia has been USA thousands of young homosexuals find themselves stuck in conversion therapy aimed to cure them of being gay. many LGBT people suffer emotional trauma because the communities in which they live in believes  they are not human being that deserves human right it is a struggle to cope with the emotional trauma that comes with living in a place where ones most personal identity is regularly attacked yet many gay and trans people are reluctant to be out in public brazil has elected her own homophobic president jair bolsonaro while LGBT in the united state continue to cope with the ongoing assault by trump administration on our community right and protection._20181104_172223


being gay or questioning your sexuality is self discovery which can be a little difficult knowing who you are and accepting who you are                                                                                                                                            knowing who you are and accepting are two different things especially when it comes to your sexuality,discovering your sexuality is difficult mostly when turn out to be gay you feel scared thinking what other will think of you when they discover you are gay they feel you are not part of the world they see you as an abomination and feel you will never be part of them.                                                     remember one thing the life you are leaving is yours learn to be happy make your self happy first remember you have to accept your self so other can accept you too dont shall away from who you are and embrace who you are learn how to be happy set back and watch the world accepting you all it will only take is time and the world will come to accept you._20181104_115604