homosexuality was rife through the terriories that had become part of the greek and roman empire which of cours include the region where jesus lived,work and preached.the acceptance of homosexulity was partly pratical and partly cultural. the pratical aspect was that heterosexual sex carried a risk of pregnancy which could cause serious financial and social callenges of both parties and so in an enviroment where contraception didnt exist,same sex relationship were sonsidered pragmatic and safe and top of that same sex relationship were actually encouraged in both greek and roman society with young adolescent males being sent tyo older men to taught the art of bodily of course were not only considered to be the superior sex but also know how pleasure culd be sought in male anatomy,hence such tuition was always male to male those pratical and cultural considerations resulted in homosexuality being stima free and prejucdice free throughtout the region at that time a third consideration is that premarital sex was widespread extra-marital sex usually homosexual was the accepted norm and divorce was acceptable despite these three major factors at play in the time of jesus,he set just three relationship rules

* no more polygamy

* no divorce

* stay faithful to your partner

in the fourth century AD celibate monks in monkastery in ireland produced the first documented list of punishment for any man wasting semen.

initially women were spared such punishments female masturbation and lesbianism did not waste semen and therefore did not merit any ever this was soon considered to be unfair and women were soon included in the list of punisment for what morphed into protocol of so called sexual misdemeanours the lesbian activity,female masturbation or any sexual act by a woman with a man not intended to lead to pregnancy became punishable act alongside the punishable male act and once the church had it’s list of punishment as well a list of remedies had a means controlling people ensuring church attendance and as a consequence guaranteeing it’s own longevity as well as it’s income all over subsequent centuries the church teaching on things like homosexuality has also influenced state laws so that homosexuality becomes illegal a criminal offence in many state around the world with church and state united in condemnation of homosexuality,it’s the reason why homophobia has become culturally entrenched in many societies around the world and the shocking thng is all this stems in finite and should not be wasted
even more shocking in the fact the church has embedded homophobic attitude around the world knowing that it is not only lies in the face of jesus own attitude toward homosexuality but also over ride his core teaching to love thy neighbour as thy self.

LGBT community getting better.

the LGBT community is taking a light up with the election of ultra-right jair bolsonaro as president,hundred of same sex couple got married because they are scared of the administration of bolsonaro who accumulate a history of homophobic derogatory comments toward gay union and same sex marriage could be stop……………………………i believe we can find substantial common ground that will enable us safeguard individual from discrimination, this is the first time the US president stand to defend the LGBT community he promise to do everything in his power to protect the LGBT from violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. 

encouragement to those fighting for the gay right

keep up the good fight you are not alone to find your companions. not in the park or in the scene but in a L.G.B.T community liberation center you are strong,you matter,find yourself and be proud let live love and most important be your self.       

in all you are getting get understood remember that wisdom is the principle thing they should be no question we are all human hold your chin high keep fighting until you get what you want tough time don’t last tough people do, fighting for your right is a privilege not a problem ,we are paving the way for the future generation so they will not have to encounter and experiences this ignorance and hates keep up the good fight and remember to just be you and be real the rest will work out it self out ……………keep your head up stay true to your self  you are going to loose family and friends so be prepared………………..don’t think it’s ok to let anyone abuse you. 


the rainbow flag is the meaning of pride when i see the flag i feel love and acceptance pain when people discriminate against us and pride to be proud of who we are and what we stand for and that God loves us all no matter what gender or sexuality we are we see massive hope and joy in knowing God made and loves us he made us a colorful gems and that what we are.  


The only way you can know more about who you are, what you
like and what you love doing find your excitement what put a smile on your face and try to do more of that. 
don’t try to make other happy but your self life is rough life is short people will always have something to say about so you can’t make everyone happy people don’t care about you but them self you came alone in this world and you die alone also no one will want to follow you the grave so be wise be happy