Homosexuality in Africa today

Africans has the most tolerance people leaving in her, homosexuality is not welcome in Africa but people has the right to leave their lives and to choose who they love and want to be in sexual relationship with but being an African you have a heavy heart and unable to be happy the thought of coming out makes you sacred and it shaves your heart of the danger you are getting into.

Africa has the highest homophobic people leaving in her continent being a gay in africa means you are an abomination and a disgrace to your family in Nigeria if you are find practicing any form of homosexuality you will be sent to prison for such, but most citizens take laws into their hands and anyone find doing such will be killed.

Generally the homosexual has been through a lot from all over the countries so many get death treat and rape some are being bollied but the homophobic people should have this in mind they can never brake us being homosexual is who we are trying to stop it is like taking our lives away making us feel useless we are not useless we are our bride. we are who we are the rainbow color we share love among each other cause we love who we are.

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