finding out you are gay makes the world look hard on you it difficut to come out to your parent
and all to your friends,the world is now open and is becoming more difficult for the gay,lesbian
and transgender to be accepted to the community we need loves surpport from family and friends
we are looking forward to see to where people all over the world will accept the gays into their
community let try to create a world were we can learn how to accept each other a community where
a gay man will hold his love and walk with in the street without being beating up,harrasted or
condim let try to accomodate each other
most gays have taking their own lives cause they find out they can not be accepted in the society
and also family who can not accept them the way they are,being who we are make us happy try to
to take our happiness is also same thing in taking our lives we have the right to choose who we
love and who we choose to marry let try to live same life the homophobic should learn how to
tollorate each other and try to leave in peace

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