the LGBT movement is becoming more of success we see more hope in the community we are beautiful as nature calm as a sea unless we are move by waves beautiful heart that is open to only sadden my heart to see racism among the LGBT community we are suppose to come together as one to get what we want and to get our right not fighting agaist our self for superior we are all in this together let stand together and get our right not wasting our strenth among each other it does not matter if you are black or white let stand together and fight for what we want and our lives cause being who we are makes us happy it lighten our heart taking that from us is like locking us in a cage where we cant breath nor move.let stay forcus to what is important being who we are is the most beautiful part of who you are this is what our flag stands for.

pink- sexuality

red- life

orange- healing

yellow- sunlight

green- nature

skyblue- magic

royal blue- serenty

purple- spirit

let share love among each other.


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