encouragement to those fighting for the gay right

keep up the good fight you are not alone to find your companions. not in the park or in the scene but in a L.G.B.T community liberation center you are strong,you matter,find yourself and be proud let live love and most important be your self.       

in all you are getting get understood remember that wisdom is the principle thing they should be no question we are all human hold your chin high keep fighting until you get what you want tough time don’t last tough people do, fighting for your right is a privilege not a problem ,we are paving the way for the future generation so they will not have to encounter and experiences this ignorance and hates keep up the good fight and remember to just be you and be real the rest will work out it self out ……………keep your head up stay true to your self  you are going to loose family and friends so be prepared………………..don’t think it’s ok to let anyone abuse you. 

HARASSMENT abuse to the LGBT

The risk of the gay are getting much in our community no long free to move around our community, the fear of being abuse and beating up has grip our heart

Even the celebrity are not speard the LGBT are no more safe in the community the risk are now way to high

The homophobic want to put fears in our body to intimidate and abuse us even in our own community but we say no to that we will never go into hiding but stand and fight and leave our lives just as we want and be happy no matter what